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Client Relationship Mangement System

Streamline client communications, respond faster, and never miss and opportunity to grow your business.

Automated Fund Collections

Direct fund routing for better cash flow. Easy commission allocation post-fundraiser, and optimized financial operations with Efundrs

Effortless Order Management

Streamline Orders with real-time tracking and automation, ensuring your clients get what they need, when they need it.

Product Catalog Control

Effortlessly manage your product catalog, setting commissions for fundraisers and adjusting availability with ease.

Advanced Analytics

Understand, Analyze, Optimize: Gain actionable insights from advanced analytics to refine strategies and drive growth.

Short Term Fundraising

Quickly Reach Your Fundrasing Goals

Effortless Fundraising To Meet Short Term Goals: Ideal for financing events, trips, or specific expenses.

Minimal Administrative Work: Focus on goals, not on paperwork, order, payment collections, or complex processes.

Recurring Funding Program

Build Lasting Success With Local Partnerships

Regular, Reliable Income Stream: Set up a recurring funding model with everyday products.

Automated, Hassle-Free Management: From selection to delivery, our platform handles it all.

Meet The Team Behind Efundrs!

Our mission is to strengthen community bonds by seamlessly connecting fundraisers with local businesses.

We provide innovative tools and dedicated support, empowering both parties to thrive and contribute to their community's growth and prosperity.

- Gordon Hicks
P.Eng, PhD, C.M.

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